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Topic finder in Diversity Studies will help you narrow down your search results, run a visual search, find connections between topics and find a topic.

You can get to the Topic Finder in two ways:

Option 1

  • Enter your topic as a search term in the box along the top of the screen
  • At the results screen look for the button Start the Topic Finder to discover topics and results related to your search. 

Option 2

On the main search screen, look for the Go to Topic Finder link in the Search Tool section

Enter your search term or whatever topic you would like to explore

The Topic Finder will default to Tile view, but you can change this to Wheel view.

Click on a tile or section of the wheel to explore reference articles related to your initial search term and the term on the tile you have selected. Those results will appear on the right half of the screen.

Some tiles will be grouped together into larger sections of tiles. Clicking on one of those will allow you to see the individual tiles in that group.

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