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KBRs help assess a firm's strengths and weaknesses by examining solvency, efficiency, and profitability ratios. These ratios can then be used to compare one firm to another. 

The A-Z database page offers several databases which provide ratio information. The databases can be found alphabetically by Title on the database webpage or clicked on through the link. 

Business Insights: Essentials:

Provides comparisons to prior periods, major competitors, and specific companies.

  • In the search box, enter the company name. 
  • Click on the link for the company. 
  • Scroll down, look in the left margin for the "Financials" link, and click. 
  • Click on the "Ratios" tab.

Mergent Online:  

Provides the last 15 years of data. 

  • In the search box, enter the company name. 
  • Open the report. 
  • Click the "Company Financials" tab. 
  • Click the "Ratios" tab.  

Key Business Ratios

Information is sourced from Dun & Bradstreet.

  • The ratio link is found in the upper right corner. 
  •  "Industry" or "Company" tabs are in the left margin. 
  • "Solvency," "Efficiency," and "Profitability" tabs are found on the top of the middle of the page. 

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