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Integrating supporting sources into your work is important to build credibility and support your argument.

Be sure to cite everything you use to give credit to the authors whose work you are using.

There are three main ways of integrating sources into your paper. The three ways to incorporate a source help strengthen your argument and prove you have done your research!

1. Quote: When you use the exact wording found in a source, it must be "quoted." Incorporating quotes helps you prove you have read and understand your topic's conversation.

According to Sharaph, television "can have a positive impact on mental health, including the area of death education" (131).

2. Paraphrase: Uses your own words to express the author's meaning.  

According to Sharaph, television can benefit children's well-being, especially on harder-to-relate-to topics like death (131).

3. Summarize: Takes an idea down to the essential points. 

The article by Sharapan illustrates how television can assist children in learning about and coping with death (131).



Sharapan, H. (1977). "Mister Rogers' neighborhood": Dealing with death on a children's television series. Death Education, 1(1),131-136. doi:10.1080/07481187708252882

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