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Yes, you need to cite social media if you use it in your paper because citations allow your professor or anyone else who reads your work to find the items you used in your research. Citing your sources correctly gives credit to the original author and helps build your credibility by showing that other experts share your ideas. And citation helps avoid plagiarism! 

The key to a successful citation is providing all the information needed for your reader to find the item you are citing. Each citation style has its own format to follow. Refer to the Citing Sources Research Guide for information on the different styles. Click the tab on the left with the appropriate style's name and then review the citation format and examples for that style.

Keep in mind:

  • On sites posted under usernames but not necessarily proper names, enter the username where you usually put the author's name. The author is the main creator(s) for the item you are citing.
  • Author information can also be under "Creator," which often is located in an "About" section for some types of social media.
  • Keep spelling and grammar the same as in the original, even if there are errors in the citation.

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