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To save a search result, create an account in Sage

SAGE Databases 

  1. From the Sage database, click the "Access/Profile" icon on the upper right
  2. Click "Create profile"
  3. Click "Sign in" at the top and complete the registration process under the "Register for a New Account" area
  4. Verify your account through your email
  5. After entering a search, click on the Search Tab at the top and then name the search
  6. You can also have alerts sent to your registered email at intervals of your choice
  7. To access a saved search 
    1. Click on the "Access/Profile" icon on the top right
    2. Choose "View Profile" from the drop-down menu
    3. Choose "My Saved Searches" from the box on the left
  8. Find the search you want to save and click "Add to Saved Searches." 

For assistance, contact a librarian. 

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